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Our Company
PTO BIO is dedicated to developing and providing innovative research products and services to fundamentally transform the way we understand, diagnose, and treat human diseases.
Our Mission
To advance precision medicine by leveraging the power of proteomics.
Proteomics-Driven Precision Medicine
Disease-relevant biomarkers discovery based on proteomic profiles of healthy and diseased patient samples
Next-generation precision companion diagnostics development with our expertise in high-quality antibodies generation
Effective and safe precision therapies design based on novel biomarker-guided drug discovery strategy
Products & Services An Integrated Platform
Our integrated platform consisting of proprietary PTM reagents, sophisticated mass spectrometry expertise, advanced bioinformatics tools, has been profoundly benefiting biomedical and pharmaceutical research, as demonstrated by continuous high-profile publications and long-term collaborative relationship with top tier drug discovery organizations.
We are well positioned to apply state-of-the-art proteomics strategies in conjunction with next generation sequencing-based genomics and transcriptomics techniques to improve therapy selection for patients, and to discover a brave new world of medical possibilities.
Our Products
We supply the world’s most comprehensive coverage of post-translational modification (PTM) antibodies, with 21 different modification types and over 400 PTM antibody products. Antibodies developed by PTM BIO have made indispensable contribution to a variety of novel histone mark discoveries, including lysine lactylation, succinylation, crotonylation, etc. We have also built robust high throughput platform for recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody generation.
Our PTMab® products now cover:
Our Services
Supported by scientific strength and technological expertise, we provide end-to-end Mass Spectrometry-based to unravel the complexity of biological systems. As the world-leading proteomics service provider, we have achieved the highest sensitivity for quantitative proteomics in industry. We also provide the bioinformatics platform to link genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics data to important biological questions and seek functional understanding. Whether you are to identify a protein, quantify protein expression, discover new biomarkers, or characterize therapeutic antibodies, let us be your partner in innovation.
PTM Types
PTM Antibodies
Expediting the Epigenetics Research
PTM Sites Identified
Publications in Proteomics
  • PTM BIO develops high throughput platform to generate recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody.
    Series B round of financing is raised.
    PTM BIO is awarded the top 50 most innovative companies in China (2020) by Fast Company, one of the world’s leading business media brand.
  • Series A round of financing is raised.
  • Proteomics Business Unit is established.
    First publication with proteomics service provided by PTM BIO (Wu et al. Journal of Proteome Research 2013)
  • Antibody Research & Development Business Unit is established.
    US Subsidiary opens in Chicago
    First citation of PTM BIO antibody (Anti-Crotonyllysine Rabbit pAb, PTM-501, Tan et al. Cell 2011)
  • PTM BIO is founded.