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As a leading and pioneering proteomic company, we provide one-stop solutions to meet our customers’ needs for proteomics. By leveraging the power of top-line mass spectrometry, optimized workflow and advanced bioinformatic analysis, our proteomic service enables in-depth proteome profiling and characterization of most comprehensive list of post-translational modifications. We are committed to 100% satisfaction for customers from academia, pharma and translational research for over 12 years demonstrated by a growing list of high-level publications.
Post-Translational Modification (PTM) Profiling Services

Classic PTMs

  • Acetylation Proteomics
  • Phosphorylation Proteomics
  • Glycosylation Proteomics
  • Methylation Proteomics
  • SUMOylation Proteomics
  • Ubiquitylation Proteomics
  • Cysteine-Redoxome Proteomics

Novel Acylations

  • Lactylation Proteomics
  • β-hydroxybutyrylation Proteomics
  • Succinylation Proteomics
  • Crotonylation Proteomics
  • 2-Hydroxyisobutyrylation Proteomics
  • Malonylation Proteomics
  • Benzoylation Proteomics